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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Duramax Balance Rates Test Performed Inconsistent Balance Rates

                                                          Duramax Diesel Balance Rates

1. The fuel injector balance test is performed when a misfire, knock,excessive smoke, or rough idle condition exists.
2. This test uses the Balanced Rate and Cylinder Power Balance test to identify cylinders that are not producing the designed power output.
3. The balance rate adjustments are utilized by the engine control with your Edge Monitor CTS2 Programmer only at idle.
4. The bance rates are the fuel adjustments for each individual cylinder base on the variations in engine crankshaft speed sensor.
5. The balance rate will change depending on if the Transmission is in Neutral or Drive.
During the Cylinder Power Balance portion of the test, the ECM turns OFF individual injectors while the engine is running.
6. The ECM adjust for the drop on engine RPM during cancellation and may not change on the scan tool display.
7. The lack of power at the cancelled cylinder will feel like a misfiring cylinder of vibration
If the fuel injector is turned off and there is a no different felt when compared to the other cylinder, the cylinder is identified with the proper concern,
8. If the customer concern occurs during idle or during off idle tip in acceleration the balance rates are used to identify the cylinder with a fault related to the fuel injector or engine compression.