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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How To Remove a Duramax Water Pump

Duramax Water Pump 

Good socket set with atleast 30 inches of 3/8 extensions for starter bolts swivel extensions and u joint extensions.

Ratcheting flex head wrenches make life easier in tight areas.
10,12,14 mm sockets both regular and deep
15mm 3/8" socket for the starter
12mm wrench
screwdriver, retaining pin pliers or wire nippers, 90 degree needle nose pliers.
Something to protect Radiator from damage, wood cardboard, sheet metal. something gotta be there.
fan clutch removal tool from autoparts store, I used the 1-7/8 flat wrench and 90 degree needle nose pliers to remove fan clutch
3/4 drive breaker with big *** cheater bar and a 12pt 36mm or 1-7/16(36.5m) 3/4 drive socket
torque wrench that can do at least 260ftlbs.
one short half inch extension, really only need a 5 inch one.
large bucket or pan for coolant.
something to stand on work off of, its going to be a long day
dielectric grease/ motor oil for o-rings

And a good helper. and about 4-6 hours of your day.

Toxic Diesel Performance


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Industrial Injection Duramax Girdle

Industrial Injection Diesel Performance

Duramax reinforced girdle for your performance engine, cut and ready to installed perfect for your project, from racing to tractor pulling. This is by far the product for you.

2010.5-2016 Duramax girdle kit with XXL studs. PDM-06037 LML 14mm .500 thick. Core charge on the upper oil pan $150.00 Core charge is added to part price, we will credit the core charge back when we receive the old upper oil pan. price at $1157.00 

Industrial Injection Duramax Girdle 

Toxic Diesel Performance