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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ultimate Callout Challenge 2017

Ultimate Callout Challenge 2017

The 2017 UCC (Ultimate Callout Challenge) will be held at the Lucas Oil Raceway Indiana, Indianapolis, with a big rich history of racing, NASCAR, NHRA, and  now the UCC, this event has become the Iron Man Diesel event that you don't want to missed, from Drag Racing, Sled Pulling, and Dyno. Just the top 30 craziest fire breathing diesel pickup truck in the North America and Canada.

It is call the UCC for a reason. you get a call and you have only on choice except or deny the opportunity to for go on the list, if you make the list that means that you are have what it take to be the best of the best and all that smack talking will end. So strap your boots and schedule your room, because you don't want to missed this year event, at the larges facility in the nation. 

The event will be held on April 21.22, and 23th at the Lucas Oil Raceway.

1. Lavon Miller (Firepunk) 
2. Jeremy Wagler (Wagler Competitions)
3. Danick St. Pierre (Hardway Performance)
4. Ben Shaddy (Done Right Performance)
5. Chase Fleece (Fleece Performance)
6. Craig Briggs (Maryland Diesel Performance)
7. Wade Mintor (So Cal Diesel)
8. Andrew Tovornik (Midget Diesel Performance)
9. Kid (Holley Rock Customs) 
10. Wesley Beech (Beech Performance)
11. Derek Rose (DNR Customs) BD Diesel 
12. Chase Lunsford ( KingSpeed Performance)
13. Donavan Harris (Armor Inc Performance) Dynomite Diesel Products 
14. Ashley Black (Black's Diesel Performance) 
15. Aaron Rudolf (Rudy's Diesel Performance)
16. Nick Priegnitz (Duramax Tuner) Diesel Performance Podcast
17. Randy Rayes (Randy's Transmission)
18. Jesse Warren (Warren Diesel Performance)
19. Brett Williams (Industrial Injection) 
20. Clint Cannon (ATS Diesel Performance)
21. Justin Hyatt (Huster Diesel Performance)
22. Will (Power Driven Diesel)
23. Zack Fuller (Starlite Diesel)
24. Scott Helpenstell (Screamin Diesel Performance)
25. Jaran Holder (Holder Down Performance)
26. (Snyder Performance Engineering)
27. (Anarchy Diesel)
28. (Empire Diesel - Point Blank)
29. Dan Clark (Dan's Diesel Performance)
30. Chris Rossup (Deviant Race Parts)
31. Anthony Reams (XDP Diesel Performance) 
This is the list of the drivers. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

Cummins Diamond Eye Downpipes

Diamond Eye Performance

Diamond Eye Exhaust  Specializes in performance exhaust systems from diesel and gas trucks that deliver more horsepower, better sound quality and improve fuel mileage. Toxic Diesel Performance carries a large selection of Diamond Eye exhaust parts including exhaust systems, tailpipes, turbo downpipes, muffler eliminators pipes, bend, tips, mufflers, adapters, and more. Diamond Eye makes exhaust system components for Ford Powerstroke, Chevy/GMC Duramax, Dodge/Ram Cummins trucks from 1989 through today. Explore your performance truck exhaust options at Toxic Diesel now! 

Diamond Eye Performance 

Toxic Diesel Performance