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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Northwest Dyno Circuit Diesel Dyno Event Schedule

The season begin with ATS Diesel Gauntlet Challenge in Denver Colorado!

The Northwest Dyno Circuit is the first organization to offer points to competitors for Dyno events they compete in. Competitors can gain points by placing in first place all the way to tenth place, in each NWDC class. At the end of the season these points will go towards the finals, where competitors will have a chance to battle for the title of King of the dyno.
NWDC is the first organization to focus on dyno events by offering new safety Standards, unique marketing opportunities for its hosts, and a new dynamic website and methods that helps relieve the stress of putting on an event, letting the host enjoy their event.

North West Dyno Circuit 2016

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Allison Transmission Co Pilot - ATS Diesel

ATS Diesel Allions LTC-1000 Automatic Transmission Controller 

ATS Diesel Transmission

This kit makes it possible to eliminate the dreaded transmission slip and (Fail Safe) condition that plagues the Allison Transmission. The Co-Pilot kit allows the transmission’s clutch packs to receive full line pressure (clamping force needed to apply clutches) during slip situations. The stock Allison LCT-1000/2000 and 2400 transmission’s torque capacity has been reduced by the limited pressure that is available in the clutch packs. The stock Allison transmission only receives approximately 86-PSI oil pressure to the clutch packs when in 5th gear. 

ATS Diesel Duramax Co-Pilot 

After the addition of the Co-Pilot control system the ATS Diesel Transmission clutch packs receive approximately 230-PSI, more than 2.5 times the stock pressure. By allowing the available line pressure to the clutch packs, we have designed a system that increases the torque capacity of the stock Allison Transmission with the simple addition of our Co-Pilot transmission kit. This removes the concern of excessive pressure on vital transmission parts such as delivery rings, drums, shafts, etc. during normal operation. Other valve body kits being sold today (TransGo) perform this hydraulically, only after the trim valve have completed the shift inside the valve bodies. 

ATS Diesel Transmission Co-Pilot 

The problems with these hydraulic kits lie in two areas. The first is the lack of ability to anticipate a shift. This causes the clutches to endure an excessive amount of slip, causing heat during the shift and eventually glazes the shifting clutch packs. The other problem with these mechanical kits is the valves supply full line pressure to the delivery rings in the Allison Transmission at all times. This constant high pressure causes excessive wear in the transmission. ATS Diesel have spent a great amount of time in the engineering and development of this kit to ensure long transmission life and increased durability. 

ATS Diesel Duramax Valve Bodie

If the Co-Pilot kit is installed into ATS Diesel Transmissions that has been pushed into the fail-safe protection mode the effect the CoPilot will have on the transmission is not as apparent as when installed on a fresh transmission that has not been previously damaged. After the C-3 (3rd-5th) clutch pack has been glazed a few times the clutch pack looses about 20% of its holding force, in this case a complete ATS Heavy Duty Transmission package or heavy duty clutch kit may be necessary to repair the previously damaged components inside the Allison LCT-1000 Transmission. 

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