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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

ATS Diesel Race Valve Body


The valve body would be considered the brains of the operation, so we simply raise the IQ

The valve body is the what controls your transmission, so we ensure that it can do its job well, fast, and smart. We add a proven application of proprietary valve body components that allow it to run in a high performance situation. We have tweaked our parts until they were perfect, and offer the best of the best in our valve body, anywhere from towing to full race applications.

ATS Diesel 48re Race Valve Body 

The throttle Valves (TV Valve) in a transmission?s valve body control shift timing between gears through the constriction of hydraulic fluid. The TV valve also controls the line pressure required to clamp the clutch pack and band inside the transmission. Until now these valves have been known to have issues sticking inside the bore in the valve body, or wearing out due to friction, which causes malfunction and improper shifts. 

Despite all of the changes made in the past to the material from which the valve is made, the bore itself in the valve will wear and prevent proper movement of the valve. Especially in the Dodge automatic Transmission, Dodge manufactures the stock valve body from a very cheap mystery material that is very soft and prone to wearing out.

ATS has designed an innovative solution in our Dodge Ram transmissions using a unique `Hydro-balanced Valve and Sleeve?. By altering both the shape and material of the valve itself, as well as placing a hardened sleeve in the valve body?s bore the sticking issues are prevented. The valves in the ATS Valve Body perform extremely smoothly and operate as intended after extended use. Utilizing this new design valve and sleeve assembly allows the hydraulic flow to be altered providing a more aggressive line pressure slope while providing quality shifts and Torque converter clutch engagement. When using the stock TV valve or oversized TV valves increased line pressure caused hard and abrupt shifts.

ATS Transmission Performance Valve Body

The concept used by ATS is similar to that of a piston sleeve in an engine. By using high quality, hardened material, the lifespan of the moving component is greatly increased and the issue of a worn bore is eliminated. This technique further raises the functionality and quality level of the ATS Valve Body and Transmission system to an even higher level and is used in our Towing, Racing, and Stand-Alone-Programmable Valve Bodies.

The ATS High Performance Valve Body offers better transmission life, shift quality, and exhaust brake performance. Engineering is everything, and the heart of any transmission is the valve body. Diesel applications require very specific calibrations and attributes to get the job done.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Authorized ATS Diesel Dealer

Authorized ATS Diesel Dealer:
Toxic Diesel Performance is your source for ATS Diesel Performance products. Shop at our online store for ATS 4R performance conversion, Aurora turbo's, transmission electronics, pulseflow exhaust manifolds, deep transmission pans, 5 disc torque converters, manual transmission cooler, billet input shafts, transmission rebuilt kits, Cummins boost fooler, twin CP3 fuel systems, intake manifolds, valve body, transmissions, flex-plate, and co-pilot and differential covers. Toxic Diesel is a proud authorized dealer of ATS Diesel Performance products.

ATS Diesel Performance Mission Statement:

ATS Diesel Performance exists to provide the absolute highest quality diesel upgrades available. Through a combination of continuous R&D, top product performance, and personalized customer service, ATS achieves this goal and continues to expand and improve for the benefit of our customers.

Toxic Diesel Performance is your source for ATS Diesel Performance products. Shop for the best deals on ATS injectors, turbo's, intake manifolds, and exhaust manifolds. We can get a complete line of ATS products. If you do not see the ATS Diesel Performance product you need, stop clicking and call us toll free at 866-488-6942 for a price quote. If you have the ATS part numbers you need we can get your price quote quicker. Thanks and start shopping for Toxic Diesel now.

ATS Company History:

Clint Cannon and Ranee Elder founded Automotive Transmission Specialists in 1993. At that time the company specialized in transmission repair for all types of vehicles. In 1997, Performance Torque Converters was founded and they started doing torque converter rebuilds in house. Bringing the capability of building torque converters in house gave them more flexibility to service their racing customers. As the popularity of diesel trucks grew and more people became aware of the power upgrades available for their diesels, problems with diesel transmissions emerged.

Clint started research and development into a more robust torque converter to address the transmission issues. It was discovered that a clutch pack design was the answer to providing a robust torque converter. The development of the Five Star Viskus Drive Torque Converters and a company focus on Diesel Performance products resulted in a rename of the company to ATS Diesel Performance.

ATS Transmission Performance:

ATS Diesel Performance is rapidly expanding and offers high performance transmissions, valve bodies and torque converters, along with high performance engine upgrades for Cummins, Power Stroke, and Duramax powered diesel trucks. Upgrades and drive train components offered by ATS now equip trucks from all over the United States, as well as other countries with outstanding results. From full-time RV users who travel nonstop, to high horsepower competition based vehicles, ATS has the answers.


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Diamond Eye Exhaust Authorized Dealer

Diamond Eye Performance

Diamond Eye Manufacturing is recognized for being one of the most modern and progressive companies based in Umatilla-County, Athena, Oregon. The company has taken considerable measures to invest a substantial amount of capital expenditures to incorporate several Hi-Tech CNC Mandrel Pipe Bending machines and ancillary equipment to produce only the finest exhaust components in today's marketplace. Mandrel Bending and Fabrication parameter are very flexible by offering bending capabilities from 3/8" to 5" O.D. stainless and aluminized steel tubing.

Diamond Eye Dual Exhaust Systems
Diamond Eye Performance, a division of Diamond Eye Manufacturing, is situated on a 23-acre complex and has immediate plans for future expansion. Currently, the company utilizes over 60,000 sq. ft. for the purpose of Manufacturing components. Separate from the manufacturing facility, our Warehouse Distribution Center utilizes highly efficient shipping methods to insure "Rapid Response" for delivering all Customer Orders in a timely fashion. A substantial dollar amount of Inventory is maintained at all times to achieve this "Goal".
In addition, a new "State-of-the-Art” Research & Development Center was established to keep pace with the ever changing Automotive-Truck Performance Aftermarket.

Many of the employees here at Diamond Eye Performance have more than 30 years experience within the Industry. This wealth of resources and expertise are tapped and than transformed into results…. Results for "You" and your Company's Bottom Line. "OUR TEAM PROMISE TO YOU" is simply this, we know that you deserve and expect the highest level of "Customer Service", "Quality Parts" and last, but not least the "Best Prices" available to keep you Competitive!!

The entire "Gang" here at Diamond Eye Performance would like to take this opportunity in "THANKING YOU" for taking time to review our web site. We hope that when it comes time for you to place your next order or just something for yourself, please keep us "The Gang" in mind. We'd like to think that we are investing in America, so keep her strong, "Buy American"!!!

Toxic Diesel Performance
Diamond Eye Exhaust