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Monday, April 18, 2016

EFI Live - Do Not Flash My Truck

Do Not Flash My Truck

Many Diesel owners risk losing their performance tune when service or repair are made to their truck. Thankfully, Daystar International has come up with the ultimate reminder for the techs working on your programmed Cummins or Duramax diesel truck. The plus replaces the factory cover on the OBDII port under the dash and let's the dealership know to not re-flash EFI Live computer truck tunes.

Daystar International 
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Toxic Diesel Performance 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Ultimate Callout Challenge 2016 - Diesel Brothers

The Ultimate Callout Challenge is exactly that, a Callout challenge. 

The North West Dyno Circuit and Diesel World Magazine have partnered up and are calling out the best of the best trucks. No voting, no application process, just the top 32 craziest fire breathing diesel pickup trucks in North American and Canada. Heck we don't  even care if you bring in a trailer queen. This event is all about the power, no matter how it's done as long as it's done with a Diesel Engine (Cummins,Duramax,Powerstroke). 

Toxic Diesel Performance
This Challenge isn't for the cute 800-1000hp trucks, this challenge is for the hardcore, diesel sweating grease monkeys who can crank up 1500+hp or run grater than a 10 sec 1/4 mile with out breaking a sweat.

Here is how this is going down; The North West Dyno Circuit and Diesel World Magazine have called you out! There is a $1500.00 buy in, and to make things ever more interesting there will NO REFUNDS if competitors back our or don't show up! If you accept the challenge you must pay the buy in advaced to hold your spot. At the end, the most powerful truck that survives ans destroys everyone else will take home 1st place $10,000 2nd place $5,000 and 3rd place takes $2,000, and possible that the payout may go up. 

Alligator Performance Title Sponsor 2016
But wait, there's more!!! Each event you win Dyno, Drag, Sled Pull, and Drag Tow. you will get a additional cash money! $$$ if you place 1st or 2nd. So even if you only win one event, you will still have a chance to take home some cash, and some dignity. 

Diesel Brothers
Everyone The Diesel Dave, Heavy D Sparks, Red Beard and The Muscle from the TV Show Diesel Brothers (Discovery Channel) will be picking up 12 random people around the country to hang out at the UCC Challenge 2016.     

Industrial Injection Diesel Performance

 The Contestants

ATS Diesel                    Derek Rose                   Kory Willis             Rob Coddens
Industrial Injection         Donovan Harris             Lavon Miller          Rudy's Diesel
Cam Hulse                    Dustin VanWingerden   Dynomite Diesel    Ryan Milliken  
Chavis Freyer                Jaran Holder                 Michael Corsilli     Scott Hempenstell
Chris Rosscup               Jarid Vollmer                 Nick Priegnitz       Shawn Baca
Craig Briggs                  Jesse Warren                Pat Liskey             Shawn Ellerton
Dallas Penn                   Justin Hyatt                   Randy Reyes        Shawn Ellerton      
Daniel Pierce                 Kellan Meadows           RKL Diesel            Zack Fuller 

Shawn Baca
The dyno competition will be held opening day, with all the competitors running on the all- new portable Superflow Chassis Dyno being built for the Northwest Dyno Circuit this winter. The massive rollers and huge load cell, along with the 4300-ft elevation of Salt Lake City, will be a true test for these monstrous motors. Winner will be chosen by combining both the horsepower and torque numbers for each truck. 

Kellan Meadows 
The second day brings the drag race event, hosted at Rocky Mountain Raceway in Salt Lake City where the quickest 1/4-mile times will take home top honors. It’ll be a ‘run what you brung’ competition with the only limitations being whether or not the trucks have been outfitted with the proper safety equipment to keep both the competitors and spectators safe should things go wrong. 

Chris Rosscup
The final day will be wrap up the Ultimate CallOut Challenge event at the Deseret Complex in Tooele, UT where the Sled Pull will be hosted with the United Truck and Tractor Pullers Association running the show and teck-ing each truck with a 8500-lb weight limit. Unlike most sled pulls however, there are no turbocharger limitations, so a true statement of horsepower and traction should prove who has built the best all-around truck. 

Industrial Injection

Toxic Diesel Performance