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Friday, July 31, 2015

Duramax Cp3 Common Rail Fuel Pump

Increase the flow of the Cp3 pump on your common rail diesel

Industrial Injecton 85% over stock Duramax fuel pump
Feed the demand of your injectors by being able to supply more fuel
The CP3 Injection pump is found on Cummins and Duramax Common Rail diesels, and is the fuel pump that pressurizes the fuel, over 25,000 PSI. Under the high demand of fuel in some high horsepower tunes, stock pump simply cannot keep up with the commanded volume or pressure. When this happens, you get a condition refered to as "draining the rail". What this means is that your injectors have let out more fuel that the CP3 pump can produce at a given time.

With the replacement of the stock CP3 with an Industrial Injection Modified Dragon Fire 85% pump, you are able to keep up with that commanded fuel, so you can get the amount of power that the tune is commanding.


Friday, July 3, 2015

Duramax Differential Covers For Diesel Pickups

Rear Differential Covers for Gmc/Chevy Duramax and Dodge Ram Cummins 

Below you will find some of the most popular differential covers that fits Sierra - Silverado Duramax and Dodge Ram HD pick-ups. 

ATS Diesel Differential Covers 
ATS Protector Rear Differential Cover Kit- 14-Bolt, 11.5" Ring Gear American Axle Fits: *GM 2001+ 2500HD & 3500 w/ Full Floating Axle (All Duramax & 8.1L Equipped Trucks) *Dodge 2003 2500 High Output Diesels; 2003 3500 Standard & High Output; 2004-2008 2500 & 3500, Standard & High Output Diesels
PN/4029156248 Internet Price $259.88 Free Shipping 

PPE Diesel Differential Covers 
PPE differential covers are made in the USA from high-quality cast aluminum for strength and optimum heat dissipation. Combined with the largest set of cast cooling fins in the industry, found both inside as well as outside the pan, PPE’s differential covers offer outstanding fluid cooling capabilities not often matched. This cover also holds an extra quart-and-a-half of fluid, offering a bit of added thermal stamina to the rear-end gears on those long hauls and vacation trips. 
PN/138051010 Internet Price $279.99 Free Shipping 

BD Diesel Duramax Differential Covers 
The BD-Power 1061825 Differential Cover adds looks, performance, and function to the rear of your 2003-2015 Dodge Ram and 2001-2015 GM 6.6L Duramax. While other differential covers are large and bulky, BD's cast to cool covers are engineered to keep oil on your pinion gear for cooler, longer life, along with built-in cooling fins. The extra capacity sump located on the bottom of the cover almost doubles the fluid capacity! Each differential cover comes complete with stainless steel hardware bolts and a re-usable vi-ton o-ring for a simple, leak free installation.
PN/1061825 Internet Price $247.00 Free Shipping 

Mag-Hytec Rear Differential Covers 
All MAG-HYTEC products are covered by a lifetime limited warranty to the original owner against defects in parts and workmanship. MAG-HYTEC covers and pans set your vehicle apart in both aesthetics and function. As the metallic components in transmissions and axles wear, they generate very fine particle debris that becomes suspended in the lubricating oil.  A suspended magnet acts as a filter to contain these particles, keeping the fluid cleaner and extending component life. Periodic checking and cleaning of the magnet is recommended for maximum fluid service life.
PN/ AA14-11.5 Internet Price $275.50 Free Shipping 

aFe Power Duramax Rear Differential Covers
aFe Power's new rear differential cover brings performance engineering to the protection of your axle's differential. This differential cover is constructed out of durable die-cast A380 aluminum with reinforced ribs and wrinkle black powder-coating with machined fins for maximum strength and styling. This cover comes with all necessary hardware and includes an O-ring for a leak-free seal. This cover fits the AA14-11.5 axles
PN/46-70012 Internet Price $325.00 Free Shipping 

If you have questions regarding these products please call us at 866-488-6942 and we be glad to take the time to talk to you and explain more about these products.

Toxic Diesel Performance is a Online Store Located in St George Utah USA 
prices are subject to change without notice.