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Friday, January 30, 2015

Duramax New AirDog II-4G Fuel Lift Pump Systems

                                                   The NEW! Duramax AirDog II-4G Fuel Pump 
The AirDog® II-4G is the fourth generation fuel system designed to meet the your needs. To achieve this AirDog has manufacture with the highest degree of quality creating a fuel system that requires less maintenance and is engineered with more features to get your diesel running at peak performance.

                                       The AirDog® II-4G is available for modified applications.
This new fuel system will support between 500 and 800 horsepower with a flow rate of 165 gph. It is best suited for light to moderate modifications. Applications available for the fuel delivery system like DodgeChevy, and Ford Diesel Pick-ups 
 The patented AirDog® II-4G  is the next generation in the fuel delivery system resulting in a compact, long lasting, efficient, and quiet lift pump.models.
                                                 So, what can the AirDog® II-4G do for you?The benefits of the system are immediately apparent. The removal of contaminants in diesel fuel, such as air, water vapor, and debris provide increases in power and performance.
This is reflected by:
-Smoother idle and acceleration
-Improvement in throttle response
-The elimination of hard starts.
-Long lasting motor
-Sleek and compact one piece body style 
As the amount of air and water in the fuel decreases fuel economy improves which leads to increased in money savings. Removing contaminants allows for pure diesel fuel to enter the combustion chamber through the injectors, safeguarding the engine and providing a full burn which means no more wasted fuel and money in your pocket.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

LMM Duramax Intercoolers By PPE Diesel

         Pacific Performance Engineering is the product you have bean looking for you truck duramax diesel.

It has been shown that the factory GM intercooler causes a 2 to 3 psi pressure drop, so the boost from even the largest turbocharger can be choked if the intercooler is inefficient and making less power.

PPE’s High Flow Performance Intercooler, pressure drop wasted energy is virtually eliminated. There is simply no comparison between the effectiveness of the PPE High Flow Performance Intercooler and the stock unit. 

Providing 2,142 cu. in. of cooling volume, which is 98% more volume over the stock unit’s 1,083 cu. in., the PPE’s High-Flow Performance Intercooler not only cools a larger volume of air but it also does it faster and more efficiently. 

In fact, PPE’s intercooler is the largest and most efficient intercooler in the industry. All of which equals more horsepower and fuel economy for your truck, and it still fits into the stock mounting holes! Optional studded end tanks are available for high-boost applications of 55 to 100 PSI.
The PPE Diesel Intercooler Features:
1. Exact fit int the stock mounting holes 
2. All-Aluminum Construction
3. Design to reduced EGT numbers (Exhaust Gas Temperature).
4. Increase efficiency, reduce pressure drop across intercooler.
5. Increase fuel economy.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Diamond Eye 5 Inch Cummins Turbo Back Exhaust Kit

Diamond Eye 1994-2002 Cummins 5" Turbo Back Exhaust (Aluminized)
Part Number: K5216A
See What Else They Have To Offer!

Summary Info:

Diamond Eye Exhaust Turbo Back 4" Aluminized Exhaust System
Dodge 1994-2002 Cummins 5.9L 2500/3500
Replace your restrictive stock pipes and give your diesel a powerful performance exhaust system. From one of our top selling exhaust system lines, Diamond Eye exhaust systems are built the way you need. We offer the exhaust system that will increase your diesel performance, all while provided at our competitive pricing, guaranteed. Customers who upgrade their exhaust systems see definite benefits including higher torque, more horsepower, better sound quality, and improved fuel mileage. Performance exhaust systems can generally provide power gains of up to 5-20% extra horsepower. You’ll know the difference. This kit is designed for a quick install time. For a great-fitting, sleek looking finish, bolt on Diamond Eye Performance exhaust systems.

Product Description

Diamond Eye Exhaust 1994-2002 Dodge Ram Cummins 5.9L Diesel 5" Turbo Back Aluminized Exhaust System #K5216A

Why Aluminized?
An Aluminized exhaust system provides strength against brittleness and cracks, and provides thicker walls than a typical factory exhaust system. It is also significantly more cost-efficient, so we pass the savings on to you!
Is bigger better?
A 5” exhaust pipe will increase exhaust flow efficiency on vehicles with higher horsepower and larger engines.
Diamond Eye turbo back exhaust systems are quick and easy to install in under 30 minutes. As always, Toxic Diesel’s experienced staff is here to answer your questions every step of the way.

System Style: Turbo-back
System Material: Steel
Exit Quantity: One
Exit Location: Passenger Side
Intermediate Pipe Diameter (in): 5.000 in.
Muffler Included: No
Exhaust Type: Single


ATS Diesel ARC Flow Intake Manifold | 5.9L Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel

                      ATS Diesel 2003-2005 Dodge Cummins 5.9L Arcflow Intake Manifold (Purple)

Summary Info: The Arcflow intake manifold uses a gradual expansion chamber to direct air into the intake manifold. The gradual expansion chamber reduces the “tumbling” effect and restricting airflow. With this massive increase in size, air flow will be maximized and turbulence minimized. Your engine will breathe easier giving you lower EGT’s, quicker turbo spool up and better throttle response. The bold purple will match your Mopar colors.  

 ATS designs their Arcflow Manifolds with pre-drilled and taped holes for anything you want to monitor, such as a boost gauge, or add, like water/methanol injection, propane injection or nitrous oxide. This kit includes hardware and a Cummins intake manifold gasket.

Product Description: ATS Diesel Performance is the leader and innovator of intake manifolds for the Dodge Cummins engines. Their unique design sets the industry standard with a gradual flow expansion chamber to force air smoothly into the engine without allowing the air to tumble or create turbulence. Air tumbling creates a restriction and slows the air flow. By improving the air flow you will realize better throttle response, quicker turbo spool-up and lower ETG’s. #2019042272

ATS Arcflow Features and Benefits:

· Increases throttle response, horsepower and torque 
· Gain up to 15 horsepower and 30 foot pounds of torque
· Increases fuel economy
· Increases intake efficiency
· Increases air velocity
· Eliminates air turbulence
· Non-restrictive airflow design
· Won’t void factory warranty
· Pre-tapped for clean and easy installation of gauge
Pre tapped for Nitrous injection installation or the ATS Water Boy injection system.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

LMM Duramax Twin Fueler Kit | Why Buy ATS Diesel Twin CP3

LMM Duramax Diesel Twin CP3 Kit by ATS Diesel Performance 

The ATS Twin CP3 Kit for the Duramax and Dodge Ram Cummins Common Rail keeps the fuel moving to your injectors, even under extreme load. With the advancement of tuning in these truck, it is easy to lose sight of the optimal conditions for the truck performance.

The one unique thing about the ATS kit is the fact that they use a true twin feed line, instead of splicing into the factory line such as the competition kits.

The twin feed line uses two separate High Pressure Fuel Line (one for each CP3 pump). On the Duramax, this essentially utilized one CP3 per fuel rail, while on the Dodge Ram Cummins; it adds the second line to the back of the fuel rail. This is one advantage compare to the competition.

Any CP3 kit will raise fuel pressure; but only ATS Diesel Performance kits can supply the increase command volume to keep up with the demand of bigger injectors, compound turbos, fuel injectors pulse widths, and higher horsepower tuners like Edge Products, Bullydog, EFI Live, and Smarty all contribute to the necessity for higher volume of fuel.

Without the volume, injectors simply cannot operate properly or as efficiently to get every last bit of power available.

Only ATS Transmission offers a true twin feed line that will work or can work and allowing the whole system equalized and giving each injector more consistent pressure, when these two aspects work together the tandem results are of the charts, efficient automizing of the fuel, which translates into more power, lower EGT's, and improved throttle response through the powerband.
Toxic Diesel Performance

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Duramax Fuel Pump Air Dog 2 Fuel Air Separation System

    New Technology of the AirDog 2

The AirDog II Fuel Air Separation System is a one of a kind product that features Demand Flow Technology and an Adjustable Regulator that lets you fine tune your fuel system for increased fuel economy, power, and performance!

AirDog 2 is a CARB Certified Fuel Pump

All Diesel Engines Need a 'State of the Art' Fuel Filtration Delivery System! The solution is Fuel Preporator. The only filtration delivery system that separates air from the fuel, as well as water and particulates, and maintains the proper pressure flow to the transfer pump, eliminating cavitation and vapor. Fuel Preporator significantly improves diesel engine performance and is approved for sale and use in California by CARB.

Fuel Preporator effectiveness has been proven over millions of truck miles and verified by EPA & CARB Certified Olsen Ecological Laboratory testing under ISO 8178 8 Mode Test criterion. Discover how patented Fuel Preporator technology can deliver for you:

Increase fuel economy. (Extend fuel filter life)Increase torque output. (Enjoy a quieter engine)Improve throttle response. (Enjoy a smoother idle)Reduce exhaust emissions. (Optimize engine performance)

Founder of Air Dog 

Charles Ekstam, began research that led to the development of the Fuel Preporator, in 1990 the world’s first and only fuel air separation system for diesel engines was developed with positive air separation system.
Three years later, the first commercial Fuel Preporator unit was sold, and during the following 20+ years, PureFlow Technologies operated of, Jefferson City, Missouri, and has developed Fuel Preporator and AirDog models for virtually every diesel engine application including commercial trucking, diesel pick-up trucks, military engines, marine boats, agriculture tractors and mining equipment.

What You Get Inside The Air Dog Fuel Pump

1/2' Fuel Lines OEM Quick Connect Fuel Lines 
Wiring Harness Kit With Rely in Place For Safety In Mind
Plastic Ties To Secure
 The Fuel Lines and Wiring Harness 
AirDog Pump Bracket and Spacer
 Mounting Hardware Kit  Installation Manual 

Warranty Sheet !!

This step is by far the most important part of owning a fuel pump, from AirDog2 Fuel Preporator. If you want the life time warranty, fill the card that was provided to you or send in your receipt, or you will only receive 1 year from the time you purchase the pump. This pumps come with a Lift time warranty only if you registered your Fuel Pump.

The Air Dog Pump, with a Cat Mod Fuel Filter 

Please Please Please !!! Fill Your Registration. 
The registration only has on month from the day of your purchase to be send to AirDog2, you can Email your form or send by mail. 

The address
705 W. Mausoleum Rd.
 Shelbyville, IN 46176

Toxic Diesel Performance