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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Duramax Torque Converter Damage BD Diesel 3 Disc Transmission

            The Torque Converter should be replaced under any of the following conditions

The vehicle has TCC shudder and/or no TCC apply. First complete all electrical and hydraulic

Diagnosis and check for proper engine operation. The converter clutch may be damaged. Also the converter bushing and/or internal 0-ring may be damaged
.Evidence of damage to the oil pump assembly pump shaft turbine shaft drive sprocket support and bearing or metal chips/debris in the converter.

Metal chips/debris are found in the converter or when flushing the cooler and the cooler lines.

External leaks in the hub weld area lug weld or closure weld

Converter pilot is broken damaged or fits poorly into the crankshaft.

The converter hub is scored or damaged.

The transmission oil is contaminated with engine coolant engine oil or water.

If excessive end play is found after measuring the converter for proper end play.

If metal chips/debris are found in the fluid filter or on the magnet and no internal parts in the unit are worn or damaged. This indicates that the material came from the converter.

The converter has an unbalanced condition that results in a vibration that cannot be corrected by following Converter Vibration Procedures.

Blue converter or dark circular ring between lugs. This condition will also require a complete cleaning of the cooler and a check for adequate flow through the cooler.

Converter bearing noise determined by noise from the bell housing area in Drive or Reverse at idle. The noise is gone in Neutral and Park.

If silicon from the viscous clutch is found in the lower pan


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Duramax Allison Transmission 3 Disc Torque Converter

                   BD Diesel Duramax Allison Transmission Component and System Description 

Engine/Transmission Connection 
The converter housing of 1000 Series transmissions mates directly to the engine block. DB Diesel Flex plate drive is used for engine to transmission torque transfer.

DB Diesel Duramax Torque Converter  
Several torque converter are available to match the transmissions to a wide variety of diesel and engines. The torque converter is a single-stage, poly phase, and 3-element unit, consisting of a pump, stator, and turbine. At lower output speeds, the torque converter multiplies torque and provides a fluid coupling to the engine. At higher speeds, the torque converter clutch. is automatically engaged to provide direct drive from the engine to the transmission. Hydraulic fluid for converter charging pressure comes from the sump and is supplied by the input pump. The TCC is applied or released by changing direction of fluid in the torque converter. An integral converter damper minimizes the need for additional engine vibration control.

BD Diesel Stage 5 Clutch Kit 
5 clutches, 2 rotating and 3 stationary, direct the flow of torque through the transmission. All range clutches are hydraulically actuated and spring-released, with automatic wear compensation. The transmission fluid cools the clutches. The transmission control module TCM signals solenoid valves to apply and release clutches based on speed and power combinations and the range selected by the operator.

Transmission Fluid Filtration 
Fluid filtration is provided by 2 filter systems. A suction filter, located in the sump, provides general protection to the entire hydraulic system by filtering large particulates. A spin-on filter provides full-time protection for the control solenoids and multiply pass protection for the entire system. The spin-on filter is externally located on the converter housing at the lower left front of the transmission.

 Control Valve Assembly 
The control valve assembly consists of 2 components. The main DB Diesel valve body contains the pressure control valves, the TCC valve, the exhaust back fill valve, and the control main relief valve. The shift valve bodie contains the shift valves, the control main pressure valve, and the manual selector valve. The control valve assembly attaches to the bottom of the main case module and is enclosed by the oil pan.

BD Diesel Remote Oil Cooler Provision 
Ports for remote-mount oil cooler lines are located on the right side of the converter housing near the converter housing/main housing spline. Remote oil-to-water coolers require plumbing for transmission fluid and engine-cooling water. Remote oil-to-air coolers may also be used and only transmission fluid lines need to be provided. Heat is transferred from the transmission fluid to either water or air depending upon the cooler type used..