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Friday, September 28, 2018

1963 Dodge D100 Cummins Conversion

The Dodge D series was a line of pickup trucks that were sold by Dodge from 1961 to 1993. The same basic design was retained until the 1994 introduction of a completely redesigned Ram. The Dodge D series shared its AD platform with the Dodge Ramcharger/Plymouth Trailduster twins. 4x2 models were designated Dodge while 4x4 models were designated W. Then in 1994 the new Dodge Ram and look came to be as the 2nd gen dodge diesel and gas platform.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Diesel Performance Converters

The Quality You Deserve

Diesel Performance Converters is a torque converter production shop. All of our converters are built on site and to the specific needs and applications of each customer. We have several converters in high horsepower trucks, including our own Pro Street race truck, proving our product’s strength and reliability.  We offer a converter with the most clutch surface area, coupled with one of the largest billet input shafts on the market. We take great pride in warranty, customer service, and a 24-hour turn around time.

We Stand Behind Our Product

DPC offers converters for Dodge, Allison, and Fords. Single disk, triple disk, and custom four and five disks are available. We offer a lifetime warranty, upon registration, on a standard triple disk converter. The additional fee is $100 and only to the original owner. Standard warranty on all other converters is 2 years. We enjoy working with all of our haulers, racers, sled pullers, and daily driver customers to provide them with the best converter on the market.

Lavon Miller Three Time Ultimate Callout Challenge Champion

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

L5P Duramax 6.6L Tuning

L5P Duramax Diesel 6.6L

Lots of Questions on #Duramax # L5P! Let’s see if I can shed a little light of things to come and as simple as possible! 🚛💨💨
1. ECU Exchange to unlock the Ecu (E41/L5P) looks to be the route these will go. Currently, the price to unlock from HP Tuners is 2500. This price DOES NOT include tuning. This is simply the fee to unlock it. Yes, it is expensive, but the possibility of tuning these trucks is priceless. To determine if it is worth it for you or not. 2500 for unlock. 500 for a license to tune it. 1000+ for tuning. Yes.. it’ll cost around 4K. It is expensive, but be thankful there is at least the option. As with all things - the more that comes to market... the more pricing can vary. That’s business. I’m excited and have a few ecu’s coming.

2. We can tune for ANY modifications for ANYTHING we tune. From lb7 to L5P. So yes - we can tune these for those wanting race trucks. We will also be hitting our test facility shortly to re-verify our emissions testing on this platform... so on-road tuning will be available alongside off-road tuning (race tuning). Don’t abuse our right to tune race vehicles, please obey your local laws so we can continue what we love!

3. Will EZ LYNK be doing this? We do not know. Ask them.
4. Will EFILive be doing this? We also do not know. Ask them.

5. When will we be releasing? We hope to release all calibrations by the end of this month at the latest. We will be doing beta testing with customers vehicles starting this week. Customers required to already have ECU unlocked. If you want to beta test and already have your Ecu unlocked or are getting it unlocked - contact us to be included in beta. Contact

6. Hey, exhaust and turbo companies - get ready.

***EDIT!! We have enough beta testers now! Thanks, guys!!

Monday, September 17, 2018

The Fastest Two Wheel Drive Diesel Truck

Ben Shadday’s Done Right Diesel Performance Dodge Ram

Ben Shadday at the wheel on his NEW best, 4.68 at 150 mph. Before his 4.68, Shadday - Done Right Diesel Performance would turn in a 4.69sec at 152 mph— pass which beat his old E.T. record of 4.71. In Pro Street.

Ben Shadday

Done Right Diesel Performance