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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Duramax Glow Plugs Operation Glow Plug Relay

                                                    Cold Weather Starts and Glow Plugs 

Glow Plug System Description
Duramax diesel engine, air alone is compressed in the cylinder. Then, after the air has been compressed, a charge of fuel is sprayed into the cylinder and ignition occurs, due to the heat of compression. Eight glow plugs are used as an aid to starting.

The glow plug initial ON time will vary based on the system voltage and temperature. Lower temperatures cause longer ON times all the times.

The ECM provides glow plug operation after starting a cold engine. This post-start operation is initiated when the ignition switch is returned to Run, from the Start position. This operation helps clean up excessive white smoke or poor idle quality after starting.

Control of the instant start system, glow plugs is determine by an electronic glow plug control unit and 4.7 volt glow plugs, requiring 2 seconds to heat up to 1,000°C (1,832°F) . The temperature and the power consumption is controlled between the engine control module and the controller within a wide range to suit the engine's pre-heating requirements. Each glow plug is energized individually. This capability yields more optimum heat times for the glow plugs, thus pre-glow times can be kept to a minimum for short wait to crank times and maximum glow plug durability.

A normal functioning system operates as follows
 1.Turn the ignition ON with the engine OFF, and at room temperature. 
 2.The glow plugs turn ON and heat up in 2 seconds and then are pulse-width modulated for           another 2 seconds .
 3.The glow plug wait lamp is ON for 1 second 
 4.If the engine is cranked during or after the above sequence, the glow plugs may cycle ON and OFF after the ignition switch is returned from the start position, whether the engine starts or not. The engine does not have to be running to terminate the glow plug cycling.

Glow Plugs 
The glow plugs are 4.7 volt heaters in each of the cylinders that turn ON, then pulse-width modulated when the ignition switch is turned to the RUN position prior to starting the engine. They remain pulsing a short time after starting, then they are turned OFF.

A Wait to Start lamp on the instrument panel provides information on engine starting conditions. The Wait to Start lamp will not illuminate during post-start glow plug operation.

Glow Plug/Controller
The glow plug controller is a solid state device which operates the glow plugs. The glow plug controller is connected to the following circuits:
1. The fuel heater ignition 1 voltage circuit
2. The battery voltage circuit
3. The CAN communication circuit located between the engine control module and the glow plug controller
5. The engine ground circuit
6. The glow plug supply voltage circuits located between the glow plug controller and the glow plugs.
7. The glow plug diagnostic circuits are directly monitored individually by using a separate transistor to control current to each glow plug. Individual diagnosis is thus possible for every glow plug.


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